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"Who Else Wants Instant Access to 12 of the World’s Top Business Minds as They Unleash Their Marketing and Mindset Secrets on How to Monetize Your Passion, Successfully Grow a Lucrative Business and Have Time To Play..."

Calling all Business Owners, Soloproneurs & Consultants

  • Are you still struggling to break through to the next level in your business and wondering what it takes to do that?

  • Perhaps you’ve recently set up your own business and are confused about how is it that some people appear to have almost overnight success and others stay forever bumping along on the bottom?

  • Spending masses of time and money on marketing activities and still disappointed by the results you get?

  • Confused as to what the next logical step is to grow a lucrative business filled with clients?

This Is Your Personal Invitation To Attend this COMPLIMENTARY
Passion, Profit and Play Superseries

from the comfort of your Home or Office.

Hi, my name is Fay McLean, and I have gathered a world class line up of speakers and business experts who will be sharing their top tricks and strategies to get RAPID growth in your business.

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Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn…

  • How to increase your sales without being salesy

  • Grow your list RAPIDLY

  • The secret to having new clients begging you to do business with them

  • How to gain free publicity for your business

  • Use Social Media such as: Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging for maximum results

  • Blast your competition away using video marketing

  • How to keep yourself motivated as you grow your lucrative business

  • How to deal with overwhelm and frustration while juggling a busy business and home life

I have made this live event free because I feel so strongly in the importance of this information and want all entrepreneurial business owners to be able to attend.

After successfully running my own businesses for years, I had a stressful experience a few years ago when I realized that within a new business I had created, I was not achieving what I wanted. This was not normal for me, and as I reflected back on previous success, and added to the pot the enormous new education and understanding of online marketing, I realized I needed to re-design my business to reflect my unique brilliance and re-discover fun, fulfillment and financial abundance. I have never looked back, and I now have a business that provides me with all these things and fits me to a T. If I can do it, so can you.

You can't afford NOT to be here and learn these strategies to implement into your business.

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Join us for our kick off call on 22nd June 2010



Ari Galper

Ari Galper is the creator of Unlock The Game™, a new sales mindset that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today.

His profound discovery of shifting one's mindset to a place of complete integrity, based on new words and phrases grounded in sincerity, has earned him distinction as the world's leading authority on how to build trust in the world of selling.

TOPIC: “How To Sell With Authenticity and Integrity By Making a Deep and Lasting Connection With Your Customers, Clients and Members!”

- Eliminate pressure and tension from the sales process

- Rip up your sales scripts and easily get your message across

- Stop chasing prospects and gain the respect you deserve

- Get rid of your "fear of phone" once and for all

- Stop "pitching" and start problem solving




Ellen Britt

Award winning Online Marketing Strategist Ellen Britt is the co-founder of Marketing Qi, helping women entrepreneurs who are ready for more meaning, money and marketing magic, add powerful internet strategies to their businesses.

Ellen specializes in mentoring her clients to build large email lists through effective online strategies.

TOPIC: Zen List Building

- 3 listbuilding mindset pieces you simply must have in place before you begin

- How to monetize your listbuilding efforts even if you don’t have a product

- How to harness social media to effortlessly add hundreds of names to your list.




Dr. Daisy Sutherland

Is the real name for the Founder and CEO of Dr. Mommy, LLC. A Doctor of Chiropractic by profession, wife to a loving and supportive husband and mum to 5 beautiful children.

Dr. Mommy understands the time it takes to develop a business online and offline and to start a business off from scratch.

Dr Mommy can show you how to take your passion and expertise to the bank.

Topic: How to leverage your expertise and create products.

- Discover how to turn one hour of your time into money over and over again

- How to create unique content for your site

- Secret to ensuring your web content carries the right message to your market

- Quick and easy ways to create information products that sell




Sue Papadoulis

Founder Home Biz Chicks and Bliss Communications, Sue is an international advocate for living the life of your dreams. Before turning to home-based business, Sue enjoyed a successful career as a journalist and public relations executive working for private enterprise and government. Her first home business reached a six figure turnover in just 10 months.

Topic: How to generate free Publicity for your business

As a seasoned entrepreneur and savvy media professional Sue is uniquely qualified to share with us:

- Why media publicity should be an important component of your client attraction strategy

- The biggest mistakes most people make when approaching the media and how to avoid them

- Why you’re probably already sitting on a PR gold mine but don’t even know it

- How to find a newsworthy story angle

- How to get published and generate hot new prospects to your business




Melissa McCreery

As someone who specializes in working with savvy women with a lot on their plates, Dr. Melissa knows the traps that busy women get into and the ways we can get in our own way. She also knows that the path to success isn’t always by working harder—sometimes it’s about working smarter and letting go of myths and mindsets that can trip you up.

Topic - Too Much on YOUR Plate? How to Get out of Overwhelm and Create More Ease, Flow, Me-time and Success for You AND Your Business

In this teleseminar, you will:

- Learn 2 powerful myths that are holding many women entrepreneurs back

- Discover what overwhelm, overload, and habits like overeating may be costing you in your business and your personal life and how to start turning that around

- Find out why you don’t have to choose between your work and your healthy lifestyle

- Discover what your inner champion is and why you need to connect with her

- Understand how you can create more ease, flow, me-time, AND success in ten minutes a day.




Sandy Forster

Sandy Forster is an International Speaker, Millionaire Mindset Mentor, Bestselling Author and Award Winning Business Owner. Sandy was awarded International Mentor of the Year and has transformed her life from welfare to millionaire, now mentoring others around to create their own success. Her book ‘How to Be Wildly Wealthy FAST’ is an international bestseller and has introduced tens of thousands of people to Sandy’s practical and proven methods to create a life they love.

TOPIC: Low Cost Secrets to Attract More Clients and Make More Money

Listen as award winning entrepreneur, Sandy Forster, shares how any business can use simple but effective strategies to build your customer list, attract more clients and make more profit.

You’ll discover:

 - List building secrets for entrepreneurs

 - How ‘viral marketing’ can build your client base fast

 - Why building your credibility builds your profits

 - How to know if your marketing is making you money




Janet Beckers

Janet Beckers is the host and founder of Wonderful Web Women. An award winning on-line community recognised for generous and honest marketing advice for women on the internet. A sought - after international speaker and international best-selling author, Janet has inspired thousands of people world-wide to follow their dreams and realize their potential. Today, Janet shares with us how you too, can turn your passion into a profitable and personally rewarding business.

Topic: The Loaves And The Fishes - How To Turn Your Passions Into Passive Income

- How to systemize your business so that you can enjoy time away – without the worry

- Discover the most simple and easy methods to put your business on ‘autopilot’

- Which areas of your business are priority for automation when building your business

- When is the right time to bring on a team to help you build your business




Pam Brossman

Pam is an internationally accredited social media marketing specialist in social media marketing. She is passionate about educating entrepreneurs, small business and corporations to the benefits of this new marketing medium.

Social Media enables businesses and entrepreneurs to build strong relationships and monitor and manage their brand. To also maximize their exposure, build joint ventures, expand into global markets and grow their business exponentially for very minimal outlay. Whether you are an entrepreneur wishing to maximize your exposure, someone wishing to start a career as a social media consultant, a business coach wishing to provide this service to your clients or a small business/corporation needing a social media strategy for your company, this information is for you.

TOPIC: How to use video to build your brand and get your message to your market fast

- How to use the power of social media marketing to spread your message quickly to a very targeted market

- 5 different ways to use video immediately and start seeing results in your business for little or no cost at all.

- How one free online tool skyrocketed the social media woman brand and how you can do the same for your niche




Terri Cook

Terri is the founder of Success Zone - a business devoted to giving working women (both inside and outside the home) permission to "Put themselves FIRST".

To reclaim their lives and live, laugh, play, work and love from their Success Zone.

TOPIC: Creating and maintaining a mindset for success

From Terri’s inspiring interview you will discover:

- how to create a wealthy mindset and keep it forever!

- The two most important things you need in business to fast track success

- The quickest pathway to success and happiness




Paul Evans

Paul Evans is the president of Info Market Results, LLC - parent company of Nicheology.com.

He is a partner in four offline businesses and operates four online businesses.

Paul registered his first website back in 1998 and the site is still making money today!

Paul’s expertise is teaching and training. His first presentation was given in 6th grade and he was being paid to speak by age 16. From there he went on build a successful professional speaking business as well as other businesses.

Paul’s authenticity and integrity separate him from the clones.

Topic: Find Your Niche

- The secret to discovering your niche

- Why chasing the money is not the critical factor

- How to be seen as the expert in your market




Rod Moore

Over the last five years Rod has worked with thousands of small business owners helping them to rapidly grow their business through more effective marketing. Today Rod is busy developing a global network of Attraction Marketing Coaches working with small business owners world-wide.

TOPIC: How to attract an endless stream of new clients and grow your business by as much as 119% in the next 90 days.

During Rod's presentation you will learn:

- Why Attraction is the only form of marketing that is working in the New Economy

- How to put your marketing on AUTOPILOT

- The key to making you and your business IRRESISTIBLE to the marketplace

- Exponential Mindset shifts to accelerate the growth or your business




Fay McLean – Your Host and Facilitator

Fay has been an entrepreneur since she was in her early twenties, founding several successful enterprises and now she shares her business and marketing savvy through coaching and consulting with clients from around the world. She is committed to her own continuing education and has participated in some of the most prestigious and rigorous marketing and business training programs available today.

Wife, mother of 2 adult children, author, speaker, NLP trainer, Master Coach and founder of The Aussie Business Coach. Fay is passionate about showing how to create a designer-cut business that reflects your uniqueness, that will magnetically attract a flood of clients, leverage your time and make more profits and allow you to have more fun!

TOPIC: How to design a business that provides financial abundance, fulfillment and fun

- The one mistake most business owners make when starting out

- How to have clients begging you to work with them

- The key to knowing how much money you will make and how long it will take you.

- Eliminate the frustration around all the ways to market your business and have clarity about what marketing strategies are a perfect fit for you and your business


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